Are women your enemy?

People confirm to your beliefs about them and your beliefs about yourself If deep down you think you’re a piece of shit

People will treat you like a piece of shit

If you feel like all women are over-entitled, evil, against you, difficult, then that’s the behaviour you will inspire

Picture a man secure in himself with women everywhere attracted to him

Does he believe women are on his side or against him?

Does he believe he has to “win them over”?

Or is he evaluating her compatibility relative to him

Is he made nervous by women that fall into the label of “9’s” and “10’s”

Or does he see past the mirage and evaluate women against other metrics that correlate with his own personal values?

The next time you go to approach

Ask yourself

What are your intentions? What are your beliefs and feelings towards the women you’re approaching?

Women are very emotionally in tune

If you’re operating from a mindset of you vs them, from a mindset of how can get the girl for the sake of my own self-aggrandizement and validation, then they will feel this and not welcome that. Because essentially it comes from a place of lack and neediness

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t be tactful in the way you communicate.

But It’s about where it’s coming from, what your intentions are and what your goal is

If you’re operating from a place of love, adoration, and curiosity, they will be much more welcoming of this

Operating from a place of love with women. Means walking up with the intention of making her life better. Walking up knowing fully the value you bring as a man.

The amazing mind-blowing sexual experiences you can give her. The knowledge you can impart. The potent and attractive masculine presence you bring to the table.

Now I’m not saying you have to supplicate or be “nice.” If the girl says something, does something, has values you don’t agree with or you simply realize you’re not attracted to her.  You have every right to next her and to disagree with her whenever you see fit.

But you shouldn’t walk up and approach them with pre-conceived negative assumptions about them, or yourself.

Operating from a place of love and positive intentions with women doesn’t mean being soft, meek and soppy.

You can give her harsh constructive criticism out of love. You can dominate a woman out of love.

Now I know it’s hard in today’s society. Women go for the top tier of men due to how they’ve evolved. But instead of getting bitter, you have to think of every rejection as a blessing. Be grateful for every rejection because it teaches you how to love better – Thomas Wingham

To fully change your reality, mindsets and inner beliefs about yourself and women and level the f*ck up. Message Thomas Whigham from Self Love Army and get on a call. This man is full of wisdom, intelligence, and compassion

Chose love, not lack