If you follow the “God Mode Method” and don’t get
at LEAST 10 dates with your exact type of woman
in the next 60 days…

I’ll coach you for free until you do.

Yo, I’m Hudson… Listen up…

If you’re like most guys I talk to… then here’s what I already know about you:

  • You’re busy. You value your career or business and don’t have the energy, or the inclination, to go out and hit on women every weekend.
  • Your time is valuable. You don’t wanna spend hours and hours going out to hit on girls in bars, approaching women in the street and constantly “machine gunning” every hot chick you see to get more dates.
  • You’re not getting the results you want from online dating. Whether it’s a lack of matches, you can’t get dates or you’re not meeting the women you want… you’re frustrated.
And I also know this:

You wish there was a simple, proven and easy way to match with the type of women YOU want.

Easily get them to meet you for a date without flaking on you…

And have the date go well… so you can build relationships with the women you really want (whether that’s casual and short term, or something that’s more serious and meaningful).

Now – you might be wondering…

Hudson, how do you know all this stuff?

And you also are probably wondering… who tf is Hudson?

Great question. Let me get to it.


Today, my life with women is something I never even dreamed of.

But before I get to that… let me explain how I got here.

At school I was super shy.

I had no friends and to be honest… I was socially awkward.

For some reason though… I always had girlfriends.

3 before 18 actually.

At the time, I was super bought into the “disney narrative”… Trying to find “the one”. and live happily ever after.

In time though… all the relationships would come to an end.

And looking back, it was for the same reasons.

I would become overly needy, and chase them too hard

Soon they would get bored and dump me.

By the time the third relationship ended… I learned something.

You need to put your own needs first.

You need to be a masculine man, not buy into the BS narrative, and find your purpose in life.

Bought into the disney movie narrative, i would chase them and all 3 of them dumped me.

When I turned 18, I got heavily into game.

I started going out to clubs, hitting on women, and slowly getting better results.

This helped me build confidence.

But then again, I got into a monogamous relationship… and my player days were put on hold.

Looking back, I was settling for this women.

I knew deep down it was because I couldn’t get the women I really wanted… because my game sucked.

After a period of time… I was miserable.

I started to resent the relationship because I didn’t get to experience the abundance with women I truly wanted.

Through this time however… something crazy happened that would make my game and results with women explode in the years to come.

I picked up two hobbies:

Music and photography.

I loved making beats and DJing…

And when I wasn’t doing that, I was studying photography and fashion.

Shooting models… and learning everything there was to know about how to take the perfect portrait.

And that’s when things took a turn.

My new relationship ended… so I started going out again.

One day, a mate of mine asked me if I could take photos of him for his Tinder.

Keen to make some money I agreed.

The professional photos looked great, and he started matching with hotter women then he ever had before.

Word got around… and I started bundling my shoots for dating apps, to help guys get better quality matches with the women they wanted.

I hadn’t got into online dating yet… I still enjoyed going out to clubs and meeting women.

But then I got a sales job.

All of a sudden, I was working long hours, and never had the time or energy to go out and hit on girls at the end of a tough week.

So I started exploring online dating.

I got my photos done based on what worked.

I set up my profile using everything I knew about game, fashion and female psychology.

And then… I left it.

Truth be told… I actually forgot I’d created it.


I opened them up and was amazed.

I had TONS of matches with insanely high quality women.

Given I was freshly out of a relationship… I had an insatiable drive to go hard and meet as many different women as I possibly could.

Over the next 12 months… my dating life skyrocketed.

I had up to 6 women a week meeting me at my house.

I learned everything there was to know about “text game”

How to write compelling and engaging messages to get women desperate to meet you.

To be honest… I started getting such good results that it was almost depressing.

It was like I had this super power.

I could match with insanely hot women and they would want to come and meet me for a crazy night together… if you catch my drift.

I basically stopped going out… because I could get better results, more efficiently from online dating.

And then well… here’s what happened next:

My mates I lived with couldn’t understand how I had so many girls over.

My results continued to improve… and before I knew it, I had guys asking me how I did it… and if I could help them get insane results too

Now – what’s my point with this?

I mean really.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, here’s the thing:

I’m on a mission to help as many guys as possible, finally achieve the dating life of their dreams.

And that’s why I’ve put everything I know about how to match & attract the quality women you really want from online dating… into a simple system anyone can follow.

It’s what I call:

“The God Mode Method”

You see… along my journey, I tested absolutely EVERYTHING when it came to online dating.
  • Which apps work best?
  • What photo’s get the best quality matches?
  • What should my bio say? And most importantly not say?
  • What are the best openers to engage the woman?
  • How do I build sexual tension through our conversation?
  • How do I make her feel comfortable so she will meet me at my house?
  • How do I make sure she won’t flake on our date?

I’ll be honest with you.

I was so obsessed with online game… I studied & analysed every single letter I wrote.

I spent hundreds and thousands of hours… learning text game.

Making mistakes.

Losing women I really liked.

Until finally I figured out exactly what to say.

When to say it.

How to escalate the conversation.

How to get the women excited to see me.

The list goes on.

Once I refined my system… or what I now call:

“The God Mode Method”

I went from getting no results online to 7 dates per week
(majority straight to my house) consistently.

But here’s the best part:

I’m not the only one who’s got great results from my system:

I also taught it to Matt.

A Freelance Digital Marketer that’s 29.

Here’s what Matt had to say:

From a year-long dry streak to abundance.

Before buying the product, I was getting barely any matches, no dates, was going through a year-long dry streak and was resorting to sugar daddy apps.

But after optimising my fashion, transforming my profile, and implementing Hudson’s system for texting I was getting more dates than I could handle with attractive women.

I no longer waste my time out at clubs or mess around aimlessly texting girls on apps getting nowhere. 

My whole life has improved as a result, not just my dating life.

Matt, 29 – Freelancer Digital Marketer


From little to no matches to 300 matches in one day.

Before buying God Mode, I had little success with women in general, not just on online dating apps. The knowledge in his product allowed me to improve all aspects of how I was approaching dating.

I went from little to no matches to having 300 matches in one day on Tinder, it exploded, and I learned and mastered his system for texting and all of the concepts and techniques behind it and learned how to come up with good replies easily. 


With every conversation, my skills and efficiency improved, and I ended up setting up as many dates as I wanted with women I never thought I would be able to date. After two months of having three times the amount of sexual experiences I ever had in my life, I ended up in a relationship with an international model.

To this day, I still have to pinch myself, would highly recommend investing in this product.

Geoff, 25 – Accountant

These stories are common amongst my clients.

They started at the same point as most men.

Not getting enough matches.

Not liking the ones they do get.

The women stop replying.

They won’t come straight to their house.

It’s the same old story.

Every client I’ve coached just wants to build an abundant and efficient dating life.

You can either spend hundreds of thousands of hours, and lots of money trying to figure this stuff out yourself.

Or… you can use my secret weapon:


Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The X Laws of Fashion on Dating Apps that make ANY guy instantly more attractive (Plus the 7 cardinal sins you must avoid)
  • My simple “insert name method” to get 8x more matches and with way hotter women
  • 9 Secrets to create the perfect dating profile that makes any woman melt
  • How to Position yourself in photos so women find you more attractive and want to match you
  • How to ACTUALLY text women to engage them and make them so keen to meet you they’ll crawl over a football field of broken glass just to get on a date with you
  • How to sext, have good banter, keep girls replying, and set up dates over text with amazing consistently
  • The “thought hook” process literally any guy can use to spontaneously think of witty lines so you never say the wrong thing over text
  • A tried and tested system of lines given to you by the revolutionary tool known as the textbot
  • How to build unshakeable confidence and a rock solid inner mindset
  • The Perfect Date™: The 7 step date plan to make sure every date ends in the bedroom
  • How to be the best a girl has ever had in the bedroom
  • How to manage a rotation of women and much much more


Similarly to what Andrew has on his respective section, I’d suggest adding two small initial paragraphs introducing the course before going through the points.

Are you sick of getting friend-zoned by girls in your social circle, staying out till late trying to meet girls at clubs, and wasting precious time but yet still getting nowhere on online dating apps

In this product, you’ll discover how to:

  • Optimise your fashion and overall physical attractiveness 


  • The psychology of what leads to getting matches on online dating based on my experience and tried and tested methods 


  • Create an amazing profile with all my photography secrets


  • Positioning yourself in photos to get insane results


  • All of the psychological principles behind what makes effective texting


  • How to sext, have good banter, keep girls replying, and set up dates over text with amazing consistently


  • Learning exercises that train you to be able to come up with your own lines easily and strengthen your skills in persuasion and seduction 


  • A tried and tested system of lines given to you by the revolutionary tool known as the textbot 


  • Inner game and how to build confidence 


  • What to do on the date


  • How to be the best a girl as ever had in the bedroom


  • How to manage a rotation of women and much much more

Here’s how the product works:

  • You have free access to a facebook mastermind group where you get around the clock advice and guidance through your online dating journey
  • 2 free 1 on 1 coaching calls with me


Module 1 – The text-god journey/Intro

  • Breakdown of all necessary components of online dating success
  • Overview of the journey to mastery

Module 2 – Fashion and optimising your physical attractiveness

  • Explanation of all the rules and guidelines to good fashion that will maximise your sexual market value and a clear idea of what to avoid
  • What contributes to your so-called “looks” and how to optimise them
  • Learning your exact colouring, what fits you should look for, and overview what clothes will make you look your absolute best
  • What hairstyles you specifically should go for
  • All the different types and styles of clothes explained through 60 pages of descriptive imagery and analysis

Module 3 – Profile Design

  • How to get heaps of matches on online dating apps with attractive women
  • What type of shots to include in your profile and tons of visual examples and breakdowns from my own shoots and profiles
  • Understanding of the psychology of what triggers attraction in a photo and bio
  • Access to my tried and tested structures for bios
  • All my photography secrets, how to pose, angles, techniques, body language 101 and everything that I know that lead to 100’s of everyday men getting crazy amounts of matches

Module 4 – Texting Overview

  • Clear idea of the what separates good texting from bad texting
  • The texting mindset of the superior man
  • What Tinder looks like from the other side

Module 5 – Core Concepts

  • How to always keep girls replying
  • To handle shits and flip them into attraction triggers
  • What to do to get girls chasing you like crazy before you even meet
  • Understanding of all the most powerful techniques within persuasion and seduction and how to apply them to text with examples

Module 6 – Core Concepts pt 2

  • The crucial mindset of good banter
  • How to master sexting
  • How to get girls begging you to fuck them over text

Module 7 – Learning exercises

  • How to think in creative ways and come up with amazing replies using my tried and tested learning exercises
  • Exercises to master all techniques with precision

Module 8 – Textbot

  • A revolutionary tool that works through you typing in what the girl has sent to you and then spitting out potential lines for you to reply with, this was based of a flow chart and later atree diagram structure which then became so complex that I decided to turn into this
  • With every line within my system there is usually two or three replies girls give in which I have lines for each one of those replies and it goes on and on in these patterns

Module 9 – Case studies

  • Breakdowns of 10 of my own conversations
  • Thorough analysis of each text explaining my thought process and why I send certain texts and how I came up with them

Module 10 – Text God Commandments

  • A collection of distinct do’s and don’t to refer to throughout your online dating journey

Module 11 – Instagram

  • How to cold dm girls on instagram and get dates
  • What makes a good instagram and what to avoid
  • How to use stories to get multiple girls chasing you at once without you haven’t to constantly text them

Module 12 – Inner game

  • How to develop rock solid confidence with women
  • Destroy neediness and become internally validated
  • Build a strong and robust belief system

Here’s what people had to say about GOD MODE

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Here’s the thing this product is an absolute secret weapon.

Every man wants to know how to consistently get dates with attractive women straight to the house or nearest bar with ease.

But that said I don’t want to give my secrets away to people who will misuse them. If you have bad intentions, you will be denied. I’m looking for good men who will use this information to better their lives and the women they date.


Here’s what the application process looks like:

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